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Tri-Lok Accessories

All Tri-Lok accessories are designed to make sure the Tri-Lok safety plug locks do their job. The 1400 Universal Door Lock Release Flag attaches to many slide door type interlocks, by alternate means, to enable the use of our 1420 Universal Door Lock Release Tool to accomplish the manual release of the interlock. The Universal Key is a 1/4" aluminum rod approximately 7" long with a WARNING TAG and cylinder key on one end.  The release end is beveled.


Catalog #1400 - Univeral door lock release flag

Catalog #1411 - 1545 Key only FEO - Fire Service Key

Catalog #1413 - 1540S Key only

Catalog #1415 - 1550-1555 Key only

Catalog #1417 - 1750-1755 Key only

Catalog #1419 - 1750Q Key only

Catalog #1420 - Univeral door lock release flag tool

Catalog #1421 - New Code compliant Group 1-4 key tag

Catalog #1450 - Ext. Tube ASSORTED SIZES AVAILABLE

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