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Installing Tri-Loks

#1400 Universal Door Lock Release Flag Installation Guide 
Designed to attach to different interlocks so the same release tool can be
used. Mounting on the connecting rod is also the same for locks with
similar assemblies. Tri-lok’s versatility is especially helpful where different
interlocks are used in the same building complex or on campuses.

Installing Tri-Loks on Horizontal Slide Doors

1. Installing in the same location as an existing escutcheon: 
- Obtain a wood dowel or aluminum rod the same diameter 
  as the present hole about 3" long.
- Take a hole saw mandrill and drill into the end of the dowel or 
   rod. This will provide a guide for drilling out 7/8" holes.
- Install 7/8" hole saw on mandrill.
- Drill from inside of door to obtain 7/8" hole.
- Install Tri-Lok assembly as directed below starting in 2*.

2. Installing without an existing escutcheon or in a new location: 
- On inside of shaftway door locate centerline of release key hole. 
- If new interlocks are being installed refer to lock manufacturer's drawing. 
- Utilizing a 7/8" hole saw, drill out the hole from inside of door.
- Go to front of door and insert plug lock receiver with plug lock removed.
   Be sure wide slot in rear of receiver is perpendicular to floor. 
* Place lock washer over retainer sleeve and insert retainer sleeve
- in hole on inside of door. Engage threads of retainer with threads 
- of receiver and hand tighten.
- Continue tightening with open end wrench until snug fit is 
- obtained and receiver face is flat against outside face of door.
- Insert door interlock release key from outside of door and be 
- sure it releases lock properly.
- Insert plug lock in receiver and remove plug lock key.

3. Drill small hole in end of interlock release key (tool) and, using a 
Tri-Lok key ring, attach the Tri-Lok plug key to the releasing tool.

If a problem arises, or directions are unclear, call Tri-Lok Mfg. for assistance
between the hours of  9:00 am and 4:00 pm EST at (914) 738-6446.


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