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ACE cylinder elevator safety locks

Security and reliability.  Each of Tri-Lok's three Ace Cylinder Safety Plug Locks are designed to secure theshaftway door interlock release key holes, and do it while blending in with most decors and be as unnoticeable as possible.  The SL-A Safety Locks mount through a 1" to 1-5/8" thick slide doors and provides additional security by utilizing an ACE 7-pin cylinder.  The 1550 has a chrome finish while the 1555 has a brass finish. The 1545 comes in either chrome or brass  For complete installation instructions please see our installation page.

NOTE: Catalog #1545 is keyed to Fire Service key FEO-K1 with
our part no. TL 1411. Catalog #1550 & #1555 are keyed to TL1415.


Catalog #1550 - SL-A Chrome Finish - 7 pin keying

Catalog #1555 - SL-A Brass Finish - 7 pin keying

Catalog #1545 - SL-A Chrome Finish - 7 pin keying - FEO-K1

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